Greetings, Beerlings!

Welcome to the new home of the Home Brew Digest!

Now that I’m “back from the wars,” I have been busy cutting loose from the expensive Comcast instantiation of the network and moving it onto its new VPS-based home.

As part of this move, and recognizing that overnight email lists are no longer pertinent in this “instant info” world we live in today, the mailing list itself has been discontinued – this, in part, due to what I’d been saying for years now: you don’t generally get root access on a VPS. I had it here when I first signed on to Dreamhost, but they recently revoked it from everyone due to some unscrupulous snoopsters visiting other VPS-hosted sites on their server.  (Can’t win for losing…) In any case, the full HBD archives will be housed here in both HTML-viewable and gzipped-downloadable formats.

Archives from the long-defunct Vintners, Cheese, Kombucha, etc. mailing lists will be moved to this server as well. I have also reactivated all of the club mailing lists I was aware were still active. If you are a club list admin and either your list is reactivated, but you need access to it, or your list is missing: pop me an email, and I’ll fix you right up.

Brews and Views will be back on a new, modern platform. Unfortunately, due primarily to the age of the Discus platform, this means that B&V will start afresh. Fortunately, this new platform is mobile-friendly, so life will be better for all of the participants! I am working on archiving the posts from the old B&V instantiation in a format that will prevent me from having to move the Discus platform to the VPS as well.

The Brewery, for the most part, is back in service, shy a billion link corrections that have to be made since I moved it off of the domain and onto its own domain. Recipator will be back as well on

Lastly, I will be moving the content from the Club and Preserve pages, and other HBD content, which will be made accessible from this page.

Don’t think I forgot anything. Pop me a comment if I did.

Note that the HBD is still a 501(c)3 corporation, and still needs both funds to operate, and funds to dig it out of the financial hole it finds itself in since about 2015.  If you care to, please consider sending a donation to the HBD Server Fund either via Paypal to serverfund at (you know how to convert that to a working email address…), or via check or money order mailed to

HBD Server Fund
2478 Cabot St
Canton, MI 48188

Pat “The Janitor” Babcock