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For those of you who have been users of The Recipator, I have a question. The Recipator home page has links to the following (what I assume to be) widgets and pages:

  • Hydrometer Correction
  • Carbonation Calculator
  • In The Brew Kettle
  • Links

Can anyone tell me if these were functional on the old server? How long ago since you remember them working? The reason being: the links on the old server were pretty convoluted. In running down what the links suggest to be the path to these files, they don’t exist. Rather than wasting time chasing ghosts on the old box, I just need to know if they were actually there.

Please weigh in via the comments.


Pat Babcock
Chief of Janitorial Services
HBD, Inc.

13 thoughts on “Information Request

    1. It’s all part of the same. If these (the widgets) did not work on the old server, then I drop the convoluted referencing from my analysis.

  1. Never used them. Just the Spreadsheet would be lovely! Thanks for all your hard work.

    1. I never used the links either. Only the spreadsheet & the archive of recipes. Luckily, I downloaded all of my own recipes from the archive before it went down. But, the spreadsheet is the real blessing that’s been missing from my life!

  2. OK. Ignoring the oddball links, I think I’ve figured out how the programs need to change. One more file to peruse and edit, then I can try another compile. I do need to also change every @#$%in’ html page in the collection, too…

  3. Pat,
    I can vouch for the Carbonation Calculator. I used it for every batch from about 2010 (not sure about that date) until November 2016. In my brewing notes for a batch I bottled on 20 Nov 2016, I recorded that I used the Carbonatin Calculator, as was my habit. The next time I went to use it in the Spring of 2017 was when I discovered the Recipator was not functional.

    Good luck and Godspeed in resurrecting the Recipator! It’s the best recipe formulation tool I’ve found in my 25 years of brewing.

  4. I have used the carbonation calculator with every batch I made, and check back with it if my volume is off from what I originally anticipated. I have used Beer recipator since 2007 or 2008, and have saved all the recipes on my computer. I rarely took part in posting recipes (only twice), but checked through the archives of posted recipes, so I hope those remain.

  5. The carbonation calculator and hydrometer correction cane in handy, but it’s not like identical versions of both aren’t available elsewhere. If rebuilding that functionality is holding up the Recipator’s rebirth, I say ditch them.

    Thanks for all your efforts and a MIGHTY cheers to you Pat.

  6. As an HBD contributor from 1994 and forward…

    It seems to me that the articles on this forum are about formating issues – help with this and denigrating that. Archiving will always be with us, but that has never been the brewer’s art.

    To reach way back into my experience, how might a wheat beer enthusiast set up a carboy to age before his return from Europe in the face of his cat and a gang of fruit flies?

  7. Hey Pat. I didn’t use the links – just the Recipator “Spreadsheet”. I used it for nearly every single beer I ever brewed. I swore by it, it was dead-on accurate for my purposes, and I would laugh at my fellow homebrew buds for buying “brewing software”.

    May your efforts to rescue the Recipator prove successful! I miss it.

  8. I used the Recipator to design my beers and the Carbonation calculator to adjust my priming sugars. Great tools.

  9. Cheers Pat,

    Any status update on resurrecting the Recipator? Please give us some hope!

    Thanks so much for your efforts!!!

    Rick (Rogan) Morgan

  10. I often used the carbonation calculator. It was good. I occasionally used the hydrometer correction. I never used “in the brew kettle”. The links were ok, sometimes went there.

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